Before/After Raw Pics


Before - eating heavy cooked food

Above: half a year postpartum and still looking pregnant (eating heavy cooked food)

Right: AFTER

After - soaring on eating 80% raw

Soaring on eating 80% raw from the Raw Food Mythology Recipes

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You can lose weight through other means, but nothing gives you that sparkly raw glow like raw food.

Postpartum weight
After soaring on raw food

Excerpt from SOAR ON RAW! describing how difficult it was to remain raw when pregnant and breastfeeding.

When I had my first child, I was not prepared for how difficult it would be to prepare food exclusively raw, clutching only the frayed ends of my shredded time. All this was further compounded with birth of my second child shortly after. Having two beautiful boys was Life’s richest, most rapturous blessing but I didn’t expect to find myself wandering in a nutritional wilderness (where the Wild Things are). The excess weight wouldn’t budge, even half a year post partum, and being only 158cm, (5 foot and 2 curly inches), my body resembled an over-puffed pastry whipped up in a yeast frenzy. Some women give birth and the weight slides off as smoothly as a silk negligee. For me, the only sliding was the food from the spoon into my mouth.

On some days, such was my sleep and energy deprivation, I would have  kebabed and wolfed down my husband if you’d rolled him in enough pitta and tahini.

And so, with two toddlers hanging from ceilings, banisters or my breasts, and Shakespeare essays barking for marking, the days of crafting elaborate raw meals and dehydrating for hours on end vanished with the winds of Aeolos. I knew I had to revise my whole approach towards raw food if I was going to stop this languishing in spaghetti swamps.

Three words served as my appetiser:

  • Quick
  • Tasty
  • Filling

Next up was softening my former hard-line stance towards raw food and devising new guidelines for my new life. These are the tips I will soon reveal so you too can avoid some of the common pitfalls I experienced.

It is still a diet primarily consisting of living food that that has given me endless energy to raise two children back to back, breastfeed for nearly four years, hold down a demanding full time teaching job, run a raw food business and write this book.

And it is these Raw Food Mythology Recipes, forming 80% of my diet, that has ensured I have re-gained my vitality and parted ways with my initially disobedient weight  – whilst  still keeping my 36 AphroDDs.   

© Erini Loucaides  Soar On Raw! 2013